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its-not-all-about-youAs we celebrate Easter Sunday, which for me is the most beautiful and hopeful day of the year, It reminds me how unfair, hatefilled and wretched we are to one another. And need a Savior to save us from each other. I, once again, find myself directly in the middle of controversy. Understanding and wanting to be for; yet mad at both sides of Indiana’s Anti-Gay law. Saddened and angered again at injustice. At how the Christian’s, Politicians, Employers, Lawyers, Etc. have failed to get it, and have used the name of God and Christianity to, once again, use His name to create a law that could be misconstrued and could ultimately be used to discriminate in many various ways.

Please keep in mind that when I use the term Christians. I by no means imply all Christians. Thankfully, the haters are fewer then the whole of us, but unfortunately, as always, the haters have the loudest and ugliest voice. And trust me. I am far from perfect, and am sure that I myself, am guilty of many of these wrongs in one way or another, just as we all are.

Will this post will be quite melodramatic? Yes.. Will it offend a lot of people? Most likely.. But COME ON!!! Why don’t the hateful Christian’s wake up and see that they are causing a lot of the problems. This life is not about You.. It’s about us.. It’s about loving your neighbor and bringing forth people to God.

It’s not about letting in the few that YOU Choose!!! It’s not about using the Bible to discriminate as we did in the 60’s when the black race wanted to sit in the front of the bus, or sit at the counter in a diner. It’s not about whether the Gay person should be able to get married or not. It’s about us, all of us, it’s about we as a whole.. It’s not just about you. It never was or is. Why must you treat people as if they are not human. As if they are some diseased freak of nature. We are all of the same exact flesh and blood. And besides. You are not to judge those who are non-believers. They are not under the same set of rules that you have been given. In all actuality their marriages may last longer and be more meaningful then yours, and their kids? may grow up to have more love and respect for others then yours ever will. Let’s keep that in mind. And your marriages, last an average of 14 years, so you have stained the traditional marriage values as well, and have ruined more kids thru divorce then ever before. And why? Because you thought it was all about you.

Yes, I know that you can throw bible verses at me that say differently about living with, conversing with, accepting, etc.. isn’t that what you do best? Throw out verses to be used for hatred? Remember that Jesus guy? He taught me that only love will heal all wounds.

Now I understand that the politicians say, they will go back and try to fix the law they passed, but the point is, that once again, we have caused another major riff in selfless love, and passed a point of no return. Again having missed the mark!

I understand that Christian’s don’t want to have to marry Gay people, or cater their weddings, as it is against their religious beliefs. —–>Insert hypocrisy of divorce.  And I understand that you as a business owner should have that right, as well as a law to protect you against law suit, should you choose not to cater to them. What about the bi-racial couple? What about the couple who has different faiths between them? or one spouse who has no faith or religion? What about the two divorcees who are getting married again? Did you pre-screen them to ensure they didn’t cheat on their last spouse? that they weren’t or aren’t abusive? Hmm.. this could even relate to your current marriage status? But none of that seems to be an issue for you. Yet they were issues in the Bible. WOW.. that log in your eye looks like it is really causing you a lot of pain!!! You should have that looked at? Let me call the doctor for you, because it’s probably blocking your view from seeing the numbers on the phone.

And to the Gay community.. I totally understand your wanting to be married, to have commitment, to be loved, to have children, to enjoy the good life. But understand. The few are not supported by the many. So don’t let them misconstrue you to believe this is how Christian’s should be. But I also don’t think you should make threats or try and ruin those who won’t cater to what you wish. Equality also means that you should have some accountability and restraint. Go somewhere else. I understand that you may be from a small town and there may be nobody else to give you the services you wish. And I am sorry. But if you truly need to have those services, although it may be difficult, there must be out of the box ways to get around it.

But the Gay community doesn’t get off scot free here either. You could have legally had equality years ago without much of a fight if you could have just allowed it to be called a Civil Union. And fought for nationwide legality and rights. But NO.. you allow these Human Rights Associations to speak for you. Maybe you all felt the need to have it called marriage. Absolutely Ridiculous. Even Pope Francis who is trying to change the views on Gay Christians supports civil unions, but not a marriage. Every time you get something you want or could have had, you seem to cry about it and want more. I feel its more the agenda of the huge gay rights organizations then it is anyone else. You just keep pushing buttons by wanting more and more, which causes more push back and hatred. Don’t you think everyone is tired of hearing you groan? I am. As tired as I am of hearing that everything is racist, politically incorrect, it’s all this parties fault or the other.

I was very appalled back in 2008 when I heard Reverend Wright using the words “God Damn America” but I in a sense am beginning to feel the same way. It is becoming too innumerable to count how many ways America has continually gone down the path to become so vile and disgusting. No longer are we the light of the world. We are quickly becoming Oppressor’s and the oppressed. Oppressed even by those very people in our government who we voted in to look out for us, yet have sold us to the highest bidder. And sadly, our freedom of speech, our constant spewing that everything is politically in-correct, everything seems to be racist, the other political party is wrong and are idiots, and everyone believing that it’s all about just them is finally coming back to haunt us and bite us where the sun don’t shine.

Please Christian’s. Especially those who seem to think they are in charge. Have you forgotten what Christianity is truly all about. See, there was this man named Jesus. Remember Him? He is the one you claim to follow and learn from. The one you celebrate this Easter Sunday. I am guessing that you haven’t opened up your bible since you entered the political realm of life. Because it seems to me that when you swore on the bible to uphold the law and the good, that you actually sold your soul to politics. All your rational and what you had been taught about what Jesus stands for, has gone out the door. I beg you, to go back to church, open up your bible, get down on your knees, and beg for wisdom and discernment. Because you need  A LOT OF IT!!! You need eyes to see, and ears to hear the war’s you have started in the name of God. And yes… that includes both Democrats and Republicans.

Oh, and that other thing He did.. Remember the entire reason we celebrate Easter. He not only died and rose for you. He died and rose for me. A GAY MAN!! GASP!! A Gay Man? Even for You? Yup. That’s right.. A GAY MAN!!! For those of you that are choosing to discriminate against others. Even as a Gay man, He invites me to His table, His home and His throne. He died to give us hope in a future that would surpass anything we can imagine. And if you are telling yourself, how can you be Gay and call yourself a Christian? Please read my prior post, “You Don’t Get to Define Me or my Walk” because you don’t know me and what I struggle with. Again. It’s not all about you.

To my fellow LGBT’s. Jesus does not discriminate. In fact, He sought for those who were lost, forgotten, bullied, downtrodden, and poor. Lepers, evil tax collectors, prostitutes, murderers, perverts, terrorists of that day, etc.. Not only that, but they were all invited to his table to eat with him as friends and treated as family and heirs to his throne. Some of them were even used by him to do amazing things. DO NOT, and I say it again, DO NOT.. let this law or the radical Christian take away what was freely given to everyone. Including you. Only Jesus can do that, and the only reason he would take that away? Because you chose not to know him, to follow him, or believe in him.. Other then that. You believe.. you Follow, you have faith, you try to live the life he is asking of you, Your in. Nobody get’s to take that away from you.

I am saddened that politicians, lawyers, etc. can be bought. Bought and used by those who call themselves true Christian’s and can even be bought by Atheist’s, terrorist, dictators, etc. That the values Jesus has taught you all thru-out the Bible have gone down the toilet for your political gains and money.

1 Timothy 6-10jpg

This is just another reason that not only the Gay community, but most of America has left the building. You know, that one with the cross on top of it? Who would want to be a part of anything that continually spews hatred, discrimination and has the mentality that only certain people can join? Sounds like a bunch of immature High School brats doesn’t it?

Thank God that I found a church of people who love me just as I am, because if I walked into your church, I would trot myself up to the front of your pulpit, push your pastor aside, and preach brimstone and hellfire to you, or like most of America, I might also just give up on God due to your terrible representation of what He is all about and lose my God given right to Salvation. My God approves of me more as a Gay man, then he does for you using HIS NAME to discriminate, to hate, to turn people away from Him, due to your terrible behavior.

Why don’t Christians who support this blatant lack of respect for others GET IT!!!. I am never embarrassed to be following Jesus, and rarely embarrassed to be Gay, but often times, I am really embarrassed to call myself a Christian. Don’t you realize that your stupidity, arrogance and hatred are the very reason that God is being taken out of our country. Why people in this country not only no longer hear about God, but don’t even want to be a part of it or even listen to the good news? From what they have been hearing from you, is that there is no good news. At least not for them. They don’t fit into your little click or cliche’

When we live our daily lives, we must remember that there will be a day when we will have to stand in front of Jesus and answer for what we have done. Just like you, I have a lot of stupidity to answer for, but I refuse to have to answer for the countless hundreds of thousands of lives that could have been saved, but chose to walk away, because you stained the name of Christ with Hatred. I am 100% sure that God is not happy with this country and where it has gone? I truly believe that we as a country are losing our status with God, and the protection we once had, is coming to a close, fast and furious. Our borders are more open to crazy fanatics then ever. Those whose only meaning in life is to kill and torture us.. Which has never been so rampant as it is now.

Who is better in the name of Jesus Christ? The one who sins and tries so hard not to. The one who wishes to get out the good word and the true good news. The one who wants a relationship with him, but feels they aren’t allowed; or you, the one who uses his money, power, and unfounded legalism to trample on those that don’t fit into your group of believers?

Your Jesus and Your God is not the one I heard of. You are following a completely different God then I. My God forgives ALL. Loves ALL. Receives ALL. Eats with ALL. and Discriminates against nobody. He gave us the truest form of love. He selflessly died for EVERYONE… It wasn’t everyone except the gay person. Everyone except the prostitute. Everyone except the murderer… NO!!!! He died for everyone. ALL are welcome, yet you have chosen to un-welcome, to turn away others, to discriminate against others, to love only those who fit into your tiny religious belief, or agenda and to eat with only those who fit.

Imagine what could actually happen if you invited in those that you don’t agree with. Truly got to know their struggles, their thoughts, their lives, their brokeness.. Imagine that they would eventually see that you are filled with love, and a zeal for life, and they found out you were Christian. Imagine. Just imagine, that eventually, they might want what you’ve got. They might think to themselves.. Why are they so happy? what is it that they have that I don’t… I want some of that… now imagine, they ask, and you invite them to church and over time, the are changed. They are re-born. Baptized. That people, is the Glory of God. That people is what Jesus taught when he invited others to his table. That people, is what this is all about. It’s not just about you

This country was founded by a loving God. This country has fallen away from him and we are paying for it. And Why? Because people are falling away from believing in him. And honestly. Can you blame them? Who wants to follow a God who has only heard about him thru you. Thru your hatred and stink?

I am angry at this injustice. I am tired of Religion being used against people of all races, creeds, etc, when that’s not what it is about. It’s not about you!!! America will be damned because of you/us. You can blame it on the parents of this generation, but the more I see and hear what’s going on, I realize that it’s you, it’s us, that have generated most of the problems. WAKE UP before it’s way too late for this country to remain under the favor of God, and before too many have been shunned and have turned away so hard, that they shall never turn back.

God made you and I, and Jesus paid for us. So we must be pretty important as we are all doubly his.

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